December Board Meeting

1)     Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 12:01 PM

2)     Approval of Minutes (Approve)

Motion by Rob Tidd as submitted, second by Katie Atkinson. Motion passed.

3)     Financial Report (Approve receipt)

Motion to Eric Limon & 2nd by Patrick Bodell. Motion passes.              

4)     Membership

a.     Wenatchee World Corporate Membership (Discussion – Action)

                                                              i.      Jeff Ackerman

                                                            ii.      Ann Marie Morris

Waiting to hear back from Roseburg Rotary group.

b.     Link Transit Corporate Membership (approved through email vote)

    i.      Richard DeRock (conversion)

    ii.      Selina Danko

Motion by Patrick Bodell & 2nd by Eric Limon to transition Richards membership into Link Transit

c.      Renee Parkins, Wenatchee Valley Humane Society (approved through email vote)

 Motion by Katie Atkinson & 2nd Patrick Bodell

d.     Brian Thorpe, Global Car Care (approved through email vote)

 Motion by Rob Tidd & 2nd by Eric Limon

Motion to approve Drew Vader by Katie Atkinson second by Kellen, this will take effect once Rob is able to work with Town Toyota Center on their current corporate membership.

5)     Club Elections – Establishment of Nominees – are there others?

a.     Vice President – Eric Limon (through 2023)

b.     Director – Ivan through 2022

c.      Director – Lindsay Bentsen (continuation through 2022)

d.     Director – Katie Atkinson (continuation through 2022)

e.     Past President – Richard DeRock (though 2020)

We will accept nominations from the floor for open positions, and vote at the next regular Wednesday meeting

6)     Holiday Party (Mardi Gras)
Lindsay will work on coming up with some sort of party for January or February.

7)     Committee Reports (Please be prepared to report on the committees you oversee)

Rob – needs to get together a core group to help grow our membership.

Katie - Public Relation/Public Image – will work with Kat and Dominick to help post and email information out to members. Richard will investigate getting our club setup with ClubRunner email communication tools. Rob applied for a public image grant that will be used for a Rotary open house at Pybus with all 9 clubs in the area to share their information.

Patrick – World Service – will have a meeting and discuss projects we want to be involved with.

Patrick – Youth Exchange – Our next year outbound student will be Hannah Johnson that will be going to Chile. Richard mentioned that we should consider allowing Hannah’s parents on as honorary members to the club while their daughter is away.

8)     Conference Committee Meeting Scheduling

Richard wanted to schedule a conference committee for the district conference, Monday January 7th afternoon.

9)  New Business

10)  Adjournment

Meeting adjournment 1:20pm