Board of Directors Meeting - October 18th

1)    Call to Order

12:05 pm by Richard

2)    Approval of Minutes
1st – Patrick Bodell 2nd – Eric Limon

3)    Financial Report

Rotary North Club bank account not closed as check was lost in mail. Richard working to get that fixed. Have to have no assets before filing tax return.

Budget sent out from Kellen after meeting.

Expense request - $25 for booth at Young Professionals week

            Approved: 1st- Katie Atkinson, 2nd- Dominick Bonny

4)    Membership

a.     JD Greening: Asking JD to withdraw his application and apply at a later date. This will allow him to not be “black-listed” from rotary.

b.    Other issues? No other issues…keep inviting guests!

5)    Committee Reports (Please be prepared to report on the committees you oversee) Rob & Bealinda will work on descriptions for each of the committees. Will help club members better understand what each of the roles are and if they want to sign up.

6)    Attendance at District Assembly, Conference and RLI

Assembly: Richard, Rob and Bealinda attending in Chelan.

Conference: Need members to attend Kamloops in 2019 and Kelowna in 2020.

RLI: April 13/14, 2019 in Wenatchee. Fees are budgeted and paid by club for President/Vice President. Great event to attend to learn more about Rotary and if wanting to run for position in future, RLI will be the first step towards that.

7)    Vice President (President for 2021-22)

Position presented to the board.

8)    Establishment of Conference Committee

Confluence Rotary responsible for the 2021 conference; our club will need volunteers for several committees to help with preparation

So far, Rob has stepped up for Chairman and Jim Adamson has volunteered for Co-Chairman.

9)    New Business - none

10)   Adjournment : 1:30PM by Richard