Meeting Notes for April 19, 2017

This week we went LIVE on Facebook! 

Experience the entire meeting, including a special moment when Cori Bautista receives her Paul Harris Fellow Award. You can also watch President Elect Richard DeRock's fascinating presentation about LINK Transit's amazing progress and the new technologies they're using to keep our Valley moving! 

Dom's Book Corner

This book is surreal, disturbing, fascinating, heartbreaking, artistic, metaphorical and so very quotable. I disliked nearly every character in this epic work of fiction by literary giant Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but I really liked the book. That's how good of a writer this guy was, in case winning the Nobel Prize wasn't enough of an indicator. It's a long one and with kids I needed about a 100 years of solitude to finish it, but it was worth the effort. Yet thanks to Audible I can read while I do other things, like change diapers or mow lawns or walk dogs. Anyway I immediately put "Love In The Time Of Cholera" by the same author on my reading list after finishing this book and I highly recommend this one. I just hope someone in the group has read it because I really want to talk about those ants, what is the deal with those ants?!