WNR Board Meeting Notes, Mar. 16, 2017

Attending bOard members: Aaron Bessonette, Kevin Vitulli, Lindsay Bentsen, Richard DeRock, Dominick Bonny (no quorum) 

Attending members: Martin Barron, Ivan Christensen, Rob Tidd

Sec. report: Read (in part) and accepted. No vote due to lack of quorum.  

Tres. report, in brief: We're ahead on dues, expenses, etc. We reviewed the P&L brought by President Kevin and moved on. No vote due to lack of quorum.

Committee reports: 

Foundation: no news. 

Sports Awards: scholar athlete scholarship business, tabled so Dom and Martin could address post meeting. 

Old Business: 

  • Dom's "Blessing Box" local impact idea update: Dom spoke with Shawn from Lighthouse Ministries and they are excited about the idea but can't host the box due to their lease contract. However they are willing to help monitor and stock any boxes we get up. So Dom is reaching out to St. Joseph's Catholic Parish and the nuns there. Charity is one of the main missions of The Daughters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary, who have a small convent here, and Dom is taking some Omak beef to them to distribute to the poor this week. Shawn said that many of the folks who would get a huge benefit from this project would actually be working poor who struggle to put food on the table after meeting their basic living expenses. We'll get an update about progress next month. 
  • Club constitution ratification: We don't really have a choice on the tenants of our actual club constitution, we must use the general RI constitution and we can add bylaws if we want to address specific additions or issues to our club. For instance Earl wants to make sure the WNR Foundation is addressed. Attendance was also discussed because there are attendance requirements in the RI Constitution. Although we don't take attendance, we do want to encourage people to actually show up to meetings. So the idea of writing a bylaw or just merely encouraging folks to attend at least one meeting a month was discussed but tabled due to lack of quorum. We also spoke about a PR committee, which is one of the committees mandated by RI, and how we could use more help in communications. With a website, a Facebook page, weekly meetings, events, monthly board meetings and more there's a lot to keep up with for one lonely secretary. If we could break up some of this stuff and parcel it out among a committee that would be ideal.
  • Discussed Rob's revenue share idea between the club and the college for the NCW Sports Awards ceremony.

Tabled that discussion and adjourned the meeting at 1:25 pm.

The next board meeting will be on April 20, 2017 at Godfather's Pizza in Wenatchee.