Meeting notes for Dec. 20, 2017



  • Kevin Vitulli wanted to thank everyone who pitched in for Salvation Army bell ringing duty recently. 
  • Rob thanked Greg Franz, for organizing Tuesday night's basketball game and said that he and Bealinda were thrilled to host a team overnight. 
  • Rob also mentioned the LEGO Robotics Tournament, which he helped referee recently, and gave a shout out to WNR member Rob Brown (with the Wenatchee School District) for organizing that wonderful educational competition.  
  • There will be no board meeting this month, so take note. We'll be back in January at Godfather's Pizza in Wenatchee, and all WNR members are invited to attend. 

Happy Bucks

  • Dom had a buck in thanks for Patrick Bodell's charitable decision to leave his gloves with me for my bell ringing shift. They came in very... handy. 
  • Kevin had a buck to celebrate the Vitulli's upcoming trip to New Zealand for a wedding.
  • Ivan had a buck for his upcoming wedding anniversary, which he and his wife will be celebrating with a cruise! 
  • Randy had a buck to celebrate the Zielinski's upcoming Costa Rica trip, where they will be hunting for a snowbird nest. Very exciting! 
  • Greg had a buck to celebrate the basketball boys that livened up the Franz household earlier this week and gave a shout out to Branden Dragoo, who was one of the main organizers behind the basketball showcase taking place at the Town Toyota Center this week. 
  • Jeremy French had a buck to celebrate his recent move to People's Bank in Wenatchee, where he has accepted the position of branch manager there. Way to go, Jeremy! 

Presentation – NCW Sports Awards 2.0

The big question when it comes to the NCW Sports Awards is: where do we go from here? 

It's very expensive to rent a large venue and pay for 500 to 600 banquet meals and produce a 60-page magazine for one event. So the NCW Sports Awards committee has come up with an alternative. 

What if we go to a TV magazine format? If we partner with a business like iFiber One Communications, which has just made a big push into the NCW region and create monthly sports highlight segments for their TV news station we have the ability to raise our program's profile and ultimately reach more people. For the event itself, we can tuck that into the college's sports dinner. And we still have the potential to raise funds through ad sales – but rather than print ads for the magazine we'll sell TV ads that will run before, during and after our sports segment on iFiber One. 

You can learn more about the concept by reading the white sheet here. We're still in the exploratory phase of this concept, but the iFiber One folks have expressed interest in this idea as a mutually-beneficial option for everyone involved. You can comment on the doc if you have thoughts and/or ideas. 

Dom's Book Corner


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

By Mark Twain

Mark Twain has been my favorite author since I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as a boy. And this book reinforced my adoration of the author, reminding me of the literary genius old Sam commanded. It's laugh-out-loud funny in parts and downright sad in others, but it's always making a point. He satirizes silly, cruel and unjust social structures of the bygone Feudal era in order to pointedly direct attention to the silly, cruel and unjust social structures of the "modern" era in which he was writing. What was serfdom, but slavery by another name? And what was indentured servitude, but slavery by another name? 

The best scene is when King Arthur and our hero are delivered into subjugation and bondage and have to walk a mile in the shoes of the used, broken and downtrodden people who make up 90% of his kingdom. Seems to me like a tradition we should enact for our leaders today... 

– Dominick Bonny, Secretary