Fourth of July - Volleyball Tournament


Team and Tournament Information:
Tournament will start at 10am
Tournament will have 10 teams.
Teams must have 6 players on the court at all times, with a minimum of three women on the court at all times.
Teams can have up to 6 substitute players.
All players, starters and substitutes must have filled out a waiver.
Registration is first come first serve and in order to secure your teams spot, registration must be paid in full.
Tournament will be played double elimination style.
Games will be played to 25 points.
In the event a tie breaker is needed a game to 15 points will be played between the two teams.
Two referees per court will be provided.
Bracket schedule will be sent to all registered teams a week prior to the tournament.
If your full team cannot be present by the start time of your game you will be allowed a 5 minute grace period. If the 5 minutes has passed and your team is still not assembled the team will take a loss for that game.

How to Register:

In order to obtain copy of registration form and liability waiver please contact Confluence Rotary member Andrea Johnson via phone, (509) 630-9432 or email,
Registration fees must be paid via check or cash.
Checks are to be made out to Confluence Rotary Club.
Once forms are filled out and submitted, and registration fee is submitted your spot will be secure for the tournament.
Registration fee is non refundable.
Deadline for registration is Wednesday, June 29th
On June 30th teams will be provided a copy of bracket and schedule of games.

Any further questions, please contact Andrea with the contact info provided above.