Meeting Notes for Aug. 29, 2018

New member Mabel Bodell, MD, giving her classification talk at today's meeting. 

New member Mabel Bodell, MD, giving her classification talk at today's meeting. 

25 people attending


  • Our youngest Rotarian, Cam's baby son Jack. 
  • Gil Sparks with the Wenatchee Downtown Club. 
  • Paul and Linda, Andrea's parents.
  • Luis, a guest of Braden's.
  • Kris Cameron, a guest of Dom's.
  • Brandt Gulick, a guest of Rob's.

Happy Bucks

  • David Kazimba had a happy buck because it's the first day of school! 
  • Ron Brown also had a buck for that, and another for the Wine and Food Awards which took place this past weekend (watch a video recap here) as well as a buck for his daughter in college. 
  • Cam had a buck in thanks for old baseball buddies, with whom he recently had a 20-year reunion. 
  • Rob had a sad buck in support for a member who recently lost a loved one in law enforcement. 
  • Andrea's dad Paul had a happy buck for her joining our club, and said her grandfather (also a Rotarian) is very proud. 
  • Bob Bullis had a happy buck because he got to meet up with an old boot camp buddy from the Marines recently and spent some time catching up. 
  • Mike Williams had a happy buck for the light at the end of the tunnel that we're beginning to see when it comes to this smoky fire season. 
  • Ivan had a happy buck because he recently got to take a lovely road trip up into Canada and back. 


  • From Patrick Bodell: Our outbound exchange student Treat is settling in in Japan, and it was our inbound student Alina's first day of high school at WHS today. 
  • Gil Sparks wants to invite everyone to the all club meeting on Sept. 13 at Pybus Public Market, where we'll be hearing from Dr. Jeff Jones of UW medicine. Lunch is provided by Cafe Columbia and is $10, please let Rob know if you want to RSVP. 
  • From Lindsay Bentsen: Our Sept. 26 meeting will be an evening social at Andrea's house in East Wenatchee. Please email Andrea or/and Lindsay to RSVP and to get directions. Also go to our Facebook page for more info about that event. 
  • Our private club pickleball lessons will be taking place on Oct. 13 from 11-1. Please let Lindsay know if you'll be there. 
  • From President Richard: Please join us Oct. 24 for the all-club polio dinner. 
  • From Rob: Please sign up to serve concessions at the Battle of the Bridges EHS vs WHS high school football game on Nov. 2 at the Apple Bowl. 
  • Your last chance to volunteer to help out at the Gorge is this weekend during the Dave Matthews Band weekend. Please contact Rob if you can help out. 

Today's Program: Mabel's Classification Talk 

We are extremely lucky to have Dr. Mabel Bodell join our club recently and today she gave her classification talk. It was an interesting mix of her family and educational history and it was as fascinating as it was inspirational. I do believe our cumulative GPA, as it were, as a club went up considerably on the day she joined.

We'll post her slideshow to the blog later for those of you who missed the meeting. 

Three Members Officially Inducted

 And finally we officially welcomed three new members today: Andrea Johnson, Katja Rowell and Tony Hickok. Here's a short video of that: 

Multimedia and copy by Dominick Bonny, vice president. 

Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Welcomes Our First Exchange Student!

About 15 members of the Wenatchee Confluence Rotary club gathered Tuesday, Aug. 21 at Pangborn Memorial Airport to welcome the club’s first international exchange student, Alina Heikkurinen. 

Heikkurinen, 17, is from Riihimäki, a small town located in the south of Finland, about 42 miles north of Helsinki. After a long trip, she said she was pleasantly surprised such a reception. 

It was her big sister that gave her the inspiration to apply for the program. 

“My big sister was on rotary exchange in Canada 2010-2011 and when she left I said: ‘When I’m big enough, I’ll be an exchange student too,’ she said. “And here I am now! I admire the way how she speaks English as fluent as Finnish. I want to be as open-minded as I can and try new things. I’m sure this year will be awesome!”

Patrick Bodell, youth exchange officer for Wenatchee Confluence Rotary, organized the welcoming committee and he and his wife Mabel will open their home to Heikkurinen, serving as her first host family. 

Bodell said part of the reason he feels so strongly about Rotary exchange is because he has benefitted from the program too. 

“There's no better way to promote cultural awareness, build international goodwill and ultimately, world peace than through youth exchange,” he said. “Having been an exchange student myself, I feel fortunate now to be on the other side of the equation and in a position to reciprocate as a host family and Youth Exchange Officer for my club.” 

Heikkurinen is one of three international students in the area being hosted by Rotary clubs. Each student will attend high school and live with a total of three host families during the course of their exchanges.

To learn more about Rotary Youth Exchange in general, visit, and to learn about what other projects Wenatchee Confluence Rotary leads, visit 

Photos and copy by Dominick Bonny, vice president, Wenatchee Confluence Rotary. 

Board of Directors Meeting - July 26, 2018

July 26th – Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club

1)      Call to Order:
12:10 PM by Richard

2)      Approval of minutes:
Will present at the next meeting as minutes were not printed for the meeting.

3)      Approval of financials
Kellen presented financials, members are encouraged to pay our dues, since cash is still low after the start of the new club. Rob Tidd made a motion 2nd by Eric Limon

4)      Amendment to budget
Richard readjusted the budget for revenue and expenses coming from the beer garden. Was able to reduce both district dues and Rotary International dues reflected in the budget. We need to be consensus on spending for the duration of the next year.

Motion to approve the adjusted budget by Katie Atkinson 2nd by Belinda Tidd.

5)       Special Board Meeting – Wednesday, August 8th – Noon at Columbia Station
Special board meeting with Sherry Chamberlain to discuss her goals:
1.      Bring in a new member and be awarded custom sponsor pin.
2.      Do a club hands-on community project to engage members.
3.      Create a new project in your community
4.      Get involved with International (Hippo Roller)
5.      Celebrate World Polio Day on October 24th
6.      Improve Rotary Operations and Database – update ClubRunner profile.
7.      Promote everything – Attract new members & spread the word on Rotary work.

6)      Special Evening Meeting with District Governor
August 8th at 5:30 at Town Toyota Center – Sherry will do a presentation, we will induct new members, and possibly present club charter. Families are encouraged to come.

7)      Scheduling a board retreat to develop work plan to achieve goals
An evening at Richard’s house, how to achieve goals. 5:30pm on August 1st.

8)      New business
Three applicants are requesting to join our club: Katja Rowell, Mabel Amelia Bodell, and Davis Halle. Motion to approve the new members by Eric Limon & Dominick Bonny

Joe Gamboni agreed to take the role of Sargent of Arms, Richard will further discuss at a Wednesday meeting with members.

The following months are different months that Rotary suggests for topics for programs:
August – Membership
September – Education
October – Economic and community development
November – Rotary Foundation
December – Disease Prevention
January – Vocational Service
February – Peace & Conflict
March – Water & Sanitation
April – Maternal & Child Health
May – Youth Services
June – Rotary Fellowship

9)       Adjournment
Meeting Adjourned at 1:20 PM


Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2018

This week we welcomed Thom Nees of Serve Wenatchee Valley as our guest speaker. 

This week we welcomed Thom Nees of Serve Wenatchee Valley as our guest speaker. 

Attending: 21 people, 2 guests. 


  • Help welcome out incoming Rotary exchange student Alina Heikkurinen from Finland to our community on Aug. 21 at 2:15 p.m. at Pangborn Memorial Airpot in East Wenatchee. There's a event page with details on our Facebook page. 
  • Great work at the Fourth of July beer and wine garden! Thirty-two of 48 members showed up to help out, and that's great! There's a lot to build on, and if you have ideas on how to next year even better, please email Rob Tidd or me, Dominick Bonny, by clicking on our names. 
  • On Aug. 14 the downtown club is doing a "friend-raiser" and you can find more about that on their Facebook page. 
  • Our club board meeting in August is on the 8th at noon at Columbia Station, with an official chartering ceremony at the Town Toyota Center at 5:30 where we will be welcoming the district governor! Please make every effort to make it to that evening's event, and remember that all members are welcome at every board meeting. 
  • If you would like to help out at the Gorge serving beers to thirsty fans to help raise funds for the club, the final training session is July 17 at McDees. If you haven't signed up already, please do by emailing Rob Tidd. 
  • Thanks to Randy's hard work and dedication, crews will break ground on the new Rotary Park parking lot in the next few weeks! You can see a story covering this great news the July 11 edition of the Wenatchee World. 
  • Andrea wanted to put in a plug for the Royal Family Kids Camp golf tournament, dinner and auction which is coming up soon. Please play, sponsor a hole, buy a table or just attend and learn more about this organization doing so much for children who have been the victims of abuse. Get more information via their website here
  • Aug. 9 is the all Rotary club picnic at Sunrise Circle in Wenatchee. A $5 donation to help cover burgers and dogs is recommended but not required and everyone is asked to bring a salad or dessert to share. There's a pool and kids are welcome to swim. It's a great time and I suggest you go if you can. Here's a little video I made for Melissa and Jesus Hernandez and the downtown club from my first all-club picnic. 

Happy Bucks

  • Kevin had a happy/sad buck. He spent the last few weeks moving his parents out of his childhood home, which was a bittersweet experience. 
  • Lindsay Bentsen had a happy buck for a lovely family road trip from which they just returned. 
  • Patrick had a happy buck and a story about Giorgio, the Rotary exchange student whom they played host to who just went back home to Italy. He sent Patrick a photo, in full WHS golf team uniform, from a course in Milan, Italy last week and that was pretty cool. 
  • Kellen had a buck in celebration of his son's first Mariner's game. Go M's! 
  • President Richard had two bucks – one in celebration of the Fourth of July beer and wine garden last week and one because his parents are in town visiting. 
  • Shannon had a buck for a wonderful trip she recently enjoyed with her daughter. 
  • Cameron had a buck for England, in hopes that they would proceed to the World Cup final on Saturday. 
  • I (Dom) had a buck for Croatia, in hopes that THEY would proceed to the World Cup final Saturday. Why? I love an underdog, and I support anyone who beats Russia at anything. 

Presentation: Serve Wenatchee Valley

This week we welcomed Thom Nees of Serve Wenatchee Valley, which is a local non-profit that helps prevent homelessness by keeping people in their homes who might otherwise be kicked out to live (and die) on the streets. Needless to say it's more expensive for society to deal with people already on the streets than it is to find the resources needed to keep people on the fringe from becoming homeless. That's where Serve Wenatchee comes in. They act as a self-described clearing house matching local charities, churches and non-profits with the people who need their help the most. 

Thom told the story of a South Wenatchee resident who is dying of cancer. Because her property was very cluttered and in violation of city code, she was in danger of losing her home. Serve Wenatchee helped get the deadline for compliance extended through the city and arranged for volunteers and movers to clean up her property. Not sure how many eyes in the room were dry during the retelling of that tale... 

If you'd like to know more about what Serve Wenatchee is doing, and help in their upcoming project called "Clothes 4 the Classroom" to help provide poor children with clean new clothes for the start of school in September please visit their website at Or email Thom directly by clicking here

Now I'll leave you with a clip of Mayor Kuntz in the Serve Wenatchee dunk tank at the Fourth of July celebration last week. If you look closely, you can see Thom "helping" the kid who threw the ball that felled the mayor. 

Notes by Dominick Bonny

Board of Directors Meeting - June 21, 2018

1)      Call to Order
Meeting called to orde at 12:15 by Richard DeRock.

2)      Confirming Charter Board Members
a.      President – Richard DeRock
b.      President Elect – Bealinda Tidd
c.       Vice President – Dominick Bonny
d.      Treasurer – Kellen Parton
e.      Secretary – Carl Polson
f.        Director – Ivan Christensen
g.      Director – Lindsay Bentsen
h.      Director – Kat Bonny
i.        Director – Cam de Mestre
j.        Director – Patrick Bodell
k.       Director – Katie Atkinson
l.        Director – Eric Limon

Katie Atkinson made a motion to approve charter board members, second by Carl Polson.

Amendment to original motion, to remove Director – Mike Williams and adding Kat Bonny. Motion by Lindsay Bentsen & 2nd by Patrick Bodell.

3)      Acceptance of Rotary International Constitution for Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club
Motion by Cam de Mestre and 2nd by Patrick Bodell to approve Constitution for Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club.

4)      Approval of By-laws for the Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club
Motion by Kellen Parton to approve By-laws, 2nd by Patrick Bodell.

5)      Approval of Resolution authorizing establishment of a bank account with Cashmere Valley Bank for the Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club

6)      Approval of Resolution establishing Authorized signers for payments on the checking account as:
a.      Richard DeRock
b.      Bealinda Tidd
c.       Kellen Parton

Motion by Dominick Bonny & 2nd by Patrick Bodell to open new bank account at Cashmere Valley Bank and add Richard, Belinda and Kellen as signers to the new account.

7)      Setting the Regular Board Meeting Date as the third Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at Columbia Station
Motion by Cam de Mestre and 2nd by Katie Atkinson to set regular board meeting at Columbia Station the third Thursday of each month.

8)      Authorizing the Richard DeRock and Rob Tidd to expend up to $4,000 as start-up capital for the 4th of July Beer Garden. Expenditures to be reimbursed out or proceeds of the event and if necessary, future fund-raisers
Motion by Patrick Bodell & 2nd by Kellon Parton authorizing up to $4,000 in start-up capital for 4th of July Beer Garden.

9)      Authorize the President and Treasurer to pay the semi-annual Rotary International Dues and the annual Rotary District 5060 Dues as billed by Rotary International and District 5060.
Motion by Katie Atkinson & 2nd by Dominick Bonny to pay semi-annual Rotary International Dues and Rotary District 5060 dues.

10)  Approve proposed budget.
Motion to approve budget by Kellen Parton & 2nd by Patrick Bodell.

11)  Authorize the Treasurer to make reimbursements to club members consistent with approved budget
Motion by Patrick Bodell & 2nd by Cam de Mastre allowing club treasurer to make reimbursement checks that follow approved budget.

12)  Approval of the Goals for 2018-2019 for the Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club
Motion by Patrick Bodell & 2nd by Lindsay Bentsen to approve 2018-2019 goals.

13)  Approval of the Proposed Committees for 2018-2019 for the Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club.
Motion by Cam de Mastre & 2nd by Kellen Parton approving proposed 2018-2019 committees.

14)  New Business
Discussion about making sure all club related documents would be distributed and hosted on Google Drive.

Motion by Kat Bonny & 2nd by Patrick Bodell to move forward with purchasing QuickBooks online that cost roughly $360/year.

Lindsay requested adding action items to the agenda to help keep better track of specific tasks.

Richard will schedule the charter night, he also suggested doing this in conjunction with the District Governors visit on August 8th and 9th, which is the regional picnic.

15)  Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM.



Final Wenatchee North Rotary Board Meeting Notes

Wenatchee North Rotary Board Meeting Notes

June 21, 2018 at Columbia Station in Wenatchee

Attending: Linda Adamson, Katie Atkinson, Kellen Parton, Kevin Vitulli, Patrick Bodell, Cam De Mestre, Dominick Bonny, Kathryn Bonny, Lindsay Bentsen. 

Meeting called to order at 12:19 p.m. 

Treasurer's report: All outstanding bills are paid and there's about $10k left in the Wenatchee North Rotary account. None of the funds from WNR can transfer to Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence. 

Thus, president Richard proposed we give $3k of those funds to Rotary Park maintenance. Dom made the motion, it was seconded by Kevin and passed unanimously.   

The second motion was also made by Dom, to cover the cost of Rotary event abroad for the most recent Allen Landis Scholarship recipient, Treat Schubert, as he studies abroad in Japan, we well as give additional funds to StoveTeam International. It was seconded by Kevin and passed unanimously. 

President Richard suggested we give the remaining $3k to the Rotary International Foundation, split evenly among the members moving over to Confluence Rotary so those funds will be counted toward their Paul Harris Fellowships (after all remaining bills have been taken care of). 

The motion to move remaining club funds to the RI Foundation was made by Kevin, and seconded by Patrick. The motion passed unanimously. 

Then President Richard requested authorization to officially dissolve the Wenatchee North Rotary Club. The motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Lindsey. It was passed unanimously. 

Wenatchee North Rotary was dissolved at 12:55 p.m. and the board of the Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence commenced its first board meeting. 

Those notes will be on the website soon and will be published by the new club secretary Carl Polson.  

Notes by Dominick Bonny, Wenatchee North Club Secretary/Confluence Rotary Club Vice President

Meeting Notes for June 27, 2018

Today marks our last official meeting as Wenatchee North Rotary!

We had 27 members and visitors present, including Kyle Vierck, the new AD at Wenatchee Valley College, Davis Halle, Treat Schubert, Giogio Casiroli. Bryan Campbell was our visiting Rotarian. 


  • On August 8 Sherry Chamberlain presenting our new club charter. It will be an evening meeting/party and Bealinda would like folks to volunteer to help plan the details. So please contact her at this email address if you'd like to help. 
  • August 9 is the all-rotary club picnic at Sunrise Circle. 


  • Greg Franz is thankful for new athletic director at the college, he's officially retired as of Monday.
  • Bob Bullis announced that not only is Franz retiring, but he's also going to start going to the gym with him. 
  • Shannon McManus's son is starting physician school and her daughter is starting her Ph.D. studies in psychology. We're putting her in the running for "parent of the year" because that is impressive... 
  • Patrick Bodell is excited about World Cup Soccer, and we would expect no less from our resident Rotary exchange coordinator. 
  • Brian Campbell is proud to announce his brother is retiring from the Chelan PUD and his son is graduating as a Navy Seal. Congratulations to both of them! 
  • The Mission: GranDuro is this weekend and they could use snacks if you can donate any. 
  • Don't forget about the "Red, White and Brew" Beer Garden we'll be hosting at Walla Walla Point Park on July 4! The Facebook event is up, the press release is out and our co-hosts at the Chamber of Commerce have been getting the word out as well as selling tickets. In fact, Shiloh gave it a plug at Business After Hours at Apple Valley Honda this evening. 


The rest of the meeting was simply a work session, we had no program or guest speaker. 

Thank you to Kathryn Bonny for taking notes. 


Red, White and Brew Beer and Wine Garden at Wenatchee's 4th of July Celebration Press Release


Contact: Dominick Bonny

Vice president, Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence

Confluence Rotary to Host “Red, White and Brew” 4th of July Beer and Wine Garden at Walla Walla Point Park

Wenatchee, WA: The Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence and Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce are proud to partner in hosting the inaugural “Red, White and Brew” beer and wine garden at Walla Walla Point Park on July 4, 2018. The event will be part of the “Let’s Have A Blast” Fourth of July celebration from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Afterward spectators will be treated to the annual Fourth of July fireworks show that takes place over the rushing waters of the Columbia River.

The beer and wine garden will feature local craft brews from Badger Mountain Brewing as well as red and white wines from Milbrandt Vineyards. Buck Milbrandt himself, co-owner and production coordinator for the vineyard, will be there to pour award-winning wines for guests for a time during the event. Funds raised by Rotarians at the Red, White, and Brew beer and wine garden will go to scholarships for local students to pay for college, to fund Rotary Youth Exchange students abroad and to other service projects Wenatchee Confluence Rotary supports.

Entry fee is just $1, drink tickets are four for $20 pre-sale and you can find them at the Chamber of Commerce at 137 N Wenatchee Ave, Suite 101. On the day of the event, the price is $6 per ticket at the gate. Guests can purchase tickets at the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce from now until July 3.

For media inquiries or for more information, contact Dominick Bonny, vice president of the Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence, at or at 509-421-2789.




June Activity Recap (So Far)


At our June 6 meeting we welcomed back the victorious Foothills Middle School STEM Robotics Team, recently returned from the World Championships. As you can see, they brought a few trophies back with them... 

At our June 13 meeting, 

22 people attended and there was no guest speaker. It was a work session meeting dedicated to a review of our club goals. President Richard handed out a multi-page list of last years goal and how they turned out and then went through the list for the upcoming year.

Looking forward we've got big events coming fast and furious, like

  1. The Mission Gran Duro, which is June 30 up at Mission Ridge. If you'd like to volunteer, contact Evan Plews
  2. Our "Red, White and Brew" beer garden at Walla Walla Point Park, which is set to become one of our major fundraisers. It's an all-hands-on-deck club volunteer opportunity, so please join us if you can and in the meantime help us promote the beer garden by RSVPing on the Facebook event here, and share the link with your friends on Facebook or via email! 
  3. The Gorge concession stand volunteering. There are still dates that need volunteers, so if you'd like to serve libations to the sweet sounds of Def Leppard while also benefiting the club, please email Rob Tidd

And now a quote about life, and beer: 

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.
— Abraham Lincoln

Meeting Notes for May 23, 2018

Congratulations to club member Earl Tilly, who was presented with the Harvey Award at the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation Gala on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Watch  this short video  featuring Earl that was screened at the gala. 

Congratulations to club member Earl Tilly, who was presented with the Harvey Award at the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation Gala on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Watch this short video featuring Earl that was screened at the gala. 

May 23 Meeting Notes

18 Members attended today's meeting. 

Guests included:

  • Jake Hambly, a guest of Kevin Vitulli
  • Shawn Lee (NCW Life and membership applicant)

Happy Bucks:

  • Carl Polson – has received his MBA degree
  • Rob Tidd – His brother is here!
  • Steve Tidd – Tax season is over, son Logan is home for the summer.
  • Richard De Rock – last weekend spent in Prosser for the District Conference, our new club application has been submitted, 39 of 50 members voted to belong to the new club, and has been officially nominated as the 1920-21 District Governor Conference (may not be correct verbiage) will be here May 14-16, 2021.

New member gives classification talk

Andrea Johnson gave her classification talk today. Check back on the blog later for her notes from that introduction, as well as more information about what she does for a living as well as for fun! 

Presentation: Mission GranDuro is coming up

Even Plews gave a presentation about the Mission GrandDuro, which is June 30. This is a club fundraiser in part and they are seeking volunteers for aid stations. Learn more about the event by visiting the GranDuro website, and let Evan know if you can volunteer by emailing him

The 50/50 Raffle winner was Ivan Christensen. He took home $17.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • Rotary International Convention – June 23-27, Toronto, Canada
  • Club Installation BBQ at Rotary Park – June 27
  • Mission GrandDuro – June 30
  • Fourth of July Beer Garden – July 4

Notes by Cindy Herdt