Red, White and Brew Beer and Wine Garden at Wenatchee's 4th of July Celebration Press Release


Contact: Dominick Bonny

Vice president, Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence

Confluence Rotary to Host “Red, White and Brew” 4th of July Beer and Wine Garden at Walla Walla Point Park

Wenatchee, WA: The Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence and Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce are proud to partner in hosting the inaugural “Red, White and Brew” beer and wine garden at Walla Walla Point Park on July 4, 2018. The event will be part of the “Let’s Have A Blast” Fourth of July celebration from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Afterward spectators will be treated to the annual Fourth of July fireworks show that takes place over the rushing waters of the Columbia River.

The beer and wine garden will feature local craft brews from Badger Mountain Brewing as well as red and white wines from Milbrandt Vineyards. Buck Milbrandt himself, co-owner and production coordinator for the vineyard, will be there to pour award-winning wines for guests for a time during the event. Funds raised by Rotarians at the Red, White, and Brew beer and wine garden will go to scholarships for local students to pay for college, to fund Rotary Youth Exchange students abroad and to other service projects Wenatchee Confluence Rotary supports.

Entry fee is just $1, drink tickets are four for $20 pre-sale and you can find them at the Chamber of Commerce at 137 N Wenatchee Ave, Suite 101. On the day of the event, the price is $6 per ticket at the gate. Guests can purchase tickets at the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce from now until July 3.

For media inquiries or for more information, contact Dominick Bonny, vice president of the Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence, at or at 509-421-2789.




June Activity Recap (So Far)


At our June 6 meeting we welcomed back the victorious Foothills Middle School STEM Robotics Team, recently returned from the World Championships. As you can see, they brought a few trophies back with them... 

At our June 13 meeting, 

22 people attended and there was no guest speaker. It was a work session meeting dedicated to a review of our club goals. President Richard handed out a multi-page list of last years goal and how they turned out and then went through the list for the upcoming year.

Looking forward we've got big events coming fast and furious, like

  1. The Mission Gran Duro, which is June 30 up at Mission Ridge. If you'd like to volunteer, contact Evan Plews
  2. Our "Red, White and Brew" beer garden at Walla Walla Point Park, which is set to become one of our major fundraisers. It's an all-hands-on-deck club volunteer opportunity, so please join us if you can and in the meantime help us promote the beer garden by RSVPing on the Facebook event here, and share the link with your friends on Facebook or via email! 
  3. The Gorge concession stand volunteering. There are still dates that need volunteers, so if you'd like to serve libations to the sweet sounds of Def Leppard while also benefiting the club, please email Rob Tidd

And now a quote about life, and beer: 

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.
— Abraham Lincoln

Meeting Notes for May 23, 2018

Congratulations to club member Earl Tilly, who was presented with the Harvey Award at the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation Gala on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Watch  this short video  featuring Earl that was screened at the gala. 

Congratulations to club member Earl Tilly, who was presented with the Harvey Award at the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation Gala on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Watch this short video featuring Earl that was screened at the gala. 

May 23 Meeting Notes

18 Members attended today's meeting. 

Guests included:

  • Jake Hambly, a guest of Kevin Vitulli
  • Shawn Lee (NCW Life and membership applicant)

Happy Bucks:

  • Carl Polson – has received his MBA degree
  • Rob Tidd – His brother is here!
  • Steve Tidd – Tax season is over, son Logan is home for the summer.
  • Richard De Rock – last weekend spent in Prosser for the District Conference, our new club application has been submitted, 39 of 50 members voted to belong to the new club, and has been officially nominated as the 1920-21 District Governor Conference (may not be correct verbiage) will be here May 14-16, 2021.

New member gives classification talk

Andrea Johnson gave her classification talk today. Check back on the blog later for her notes from that introduction, as well as more information about what she does for a living as well as for fun! 

Presentation: Mission GranDuro is coming up

Even Plews gave a presentation about the Mission GrandDuro, which is June 30. This is a club fundraiser in part and they are seeking volunteers for aid stations. Learn more about the event by visiting the GranDuro website, and let Evan know if you can volunteer by emailing him

The 50/50 Raffle winner was Ivan Christensen. He took home $17.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • Rotary International Convention – June 23-27, Toronto, Canada
  • Club Installation BBQ at Rotary Park – June 27
  • Mission GrandDuro – June 30
  • Fourth of July Beer Garden – July 4

Notes by Cindy Herdt

Meeting notes for May 16, 2018

Wenatchee North Rotary Rebrands

Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence is the new name

The biggest development at our meeting on May 16 was the name change. After a week of deliberation and online polling, we took the suggested club titles and had a vote. The Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence, Wenatchee Confluence Rotary for short, won with 12 votes. Riverview Rotary got the second-highest number of votes with 8. 

For more on the story of why we chose to rebrand the club and move forward with a new name, see the meeting minutes from the last few posts. 

4th of July Beer Garden Planning Dominated Discussion

Most of the rest of the meeting was spent discussing our new fundraiser, the 4th of July Beer Garden we are organizing for the annual 4th of July party at Walla Walla Point Park this summer. Things are moving along nicely and if you'd like to know more and get involved, please join us for the planning committee meeting at the tennis courts at Walla Walla Point Park at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, May 22. 

Join us Wednesday, May 23 for our next meeting!

Evan Plews will talk about Gran Duro. Also, Andrea Johnson will also be giving her classification talk this week so please make every effort to hear from Andrea get to know her better. Our greeters are Greg Franz and Jeremy French. 

A quick look at the Habitat for Humanity home build on Saturday, May 12. President Richard DeRock joined local Interact club members to help put the finishing touches on a project that when finished, will house three families. Wenatchee High School's Interact Club raised more than $50,000 to fully fund one of the triplex units that are expected to be finished later this summer in South Wenatchee. You can read an article about the home build from Rufus Woods of the Wenatchee World here


Meeting Notes for May 9, 2018


  • Barbara Tilly and Kay Burdan, with Packing Friendship. 
  • Marissa Jacobs, real estate professional 
  • JD Taylor, organizer of the Sunburn Classic Basketball Tournament
  • Shannon,  the new finance director at the Town Toyota Center
  • Sean Lee, account rep with NCWLife
  • Ashley Gillum with Central Washington University
  • Christopher Bishop, Ivan's grandson and star WHS athlete


  1. The Habitat for Humanity house build is this Saturday and they could still use volunteers, contact President Richard DeRock if you'd like to help out.  
  2. Tuesday, May 15 we will be having a Fourth of July Beer Garden planning meeting at 5:30 in the upstairs conference room at the Wenatchee World building at 14 N. Mission. Park in the back lot between Northwest Geodimensions and the Labor Temple, it's easiest to take a left off of Chelan into that lot. Use the rear entrance, the door code is 27390 then hit #. 
  3. GWATA's Tech & STEM showcase is May 19 at Pybus Public Market. It's a great way to see some of the cool stuff our local students are doing with STEM learning and new technologies, which is super important to prepare them for the tech jobs of the future. For more info visit GWATA's website here
  4. Ashley with CWU presented a check for a couple hundred dollars raised during the basketball game at the Town Toyota Center in December that WNR Braden Dragoo organized. 
  5. JD Taylor passed out sponsorship information for the Sunburn Classic coming up on July 28 & 29. If you can sponsor a team that means you're covering the cost of entry for kids who cannot afford it. $100 is a barrier to a poor kid, and it's one you or your business can easily remove. Contact JD and Sherleen to become a sponsor. 

Presentation: Packing Friendship

Barbara Tilly (left) and Kay Burdan talking about what Packing Friendship does. 

Barbara Tilly (left) and Kay Burdan talking about what Packing Friendship does. 

Packing Friendship provides non-perishable food items to school children in the lower Wenatchee Valley. It began seven years ago as a passion project of Barbara and Kay's and has grown to include 24 local churches and other organizations who provide meal kits to local schools in Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and Cashmere.  They are currently serving 461 students.

We wouldn’t have had enough to eat over the weekend if we didn’t have that bag of food.
— A quote Barbara shared from one child

No child should ever go to bed hungry, I think that's something we can all agree on. Packing Friendship has made huge strides in increasing food security for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. If you'd like to get involved, help out or learn more email Barbara and Earl Tilly. You can also read a recent Wenatchee World article about the program here

Special Announcement: 

Forging a New Path Forward for our Club

It recently came to the board's attention that the club has lost its non-profit status because we have failed to file taxes properly as of about 10 years ago. Getting caught up would be nearly impossible and it would be very expensive. So the best course of action is to form a new club and start fresh. After weighing the options, the board believes that to be the best path forward and we would like buy-in from the entire club membership. We also need to decide on a new name, and the name "Wenatchee Riverview Rotary" has been suggested. 

But we want to make sure everyone has a chance to weigh in, and be a part of the decision as we move forward. So please follow this link and take this very short survey so we can collect your response. 


Meeting Notes for Feb. 28, 2018

Call to order at 12:16 pm

Visitors and Guests

  • Linda Evans-Parlette, former state senator and current downtown Rotary member
  • The Foothills Middle School Robotics team

Happy Bucks

  • Cindy Herdt had a buck for her cousin Ron Guidry, who just published a book titled "My Life In Pinstripes" about his experience pitching for the New York Yankees. 
  • Greg Franz had a buck in celebration, he's a brand new grandpa! 
  • Patrick Bodell, WNR's resident ornithologist and owner of our local Wild Birds Unlimited shop gave a buck in recognition of the 49th species of bird he spotted in his backyard this year. 


From left to right: Bealinda Tidd, Jayne Vitulli, Kevin Vitulli and Rob Tidd. 

From left to right: Bealinda Tidd, Jayne Vitulli, Kevin Vitulli and Rob Tidd. 

  • "Nick's Bricks" at Pybus Public Market was this past Saturday and Kevin gave that wonderful event a plug. Since I'm writing this on the Tuesday after the event, this reporter can relate that the event was a smashing success and you can see photos and video from it on our Facebook page
  • March 21 there will be no meeting. Instead please join us at club social at 5:30 at President Richard DeRock's home in Sunnyslope. Richard will follow up with an email providing directions. 
  • For those of you who like to plan waaaaay in advance, the 2021 district conference will take place May 14-16 right here in Wenatchee, since president Richard will be the governor that year. 

Program – Foothills Middle School's Robotics


During the last six months, the Wenatchee World has published multiple articles about the Foothills Middle School Robotics Team. That's because they are awesome. You can see an example of that coverage here

Mr. Aaron Hansen, one of the teachers leading the program and three of his students, Noah, Miranda and Asanti were kind enough to explain what STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education means and walk us through the finer points of their robotics competitions, which pit them against the best STEM programs in the state. They've had their fair of success, bringing home many awards, placing in the top at state and being invited to "Worlds" which will be taking place soon. 

But they need our help. In order to compete at Worlds they need to raise the funds to get there. That's where we come in. Please donate if you can. Email for details and make checks payable to "Foothills Middle School attn: Robotics" to give. 


WNR Board Meeting Notes, Jan. 2018

Meeting location: Godfather's Pizza, Wenatchee. Meeting called to order at 12:10 p.m.

Attending: Kellen Parton, Richard DeRock, Belinda Tidd, Rob Tidd, Aaron Bessonette, Ivan Christensen, Dominick Bonny and Rick Baldini. 

Secretary's Report: The meeting prior to this was in Nov. 2017, and you can listen to that meeting in podcast format on our website here

Treasurer's Report: Invoices for dues will be coming out soon, and Greg has been working back on collecting on invoices from NCW Sports Awards ($3800 so far).

Agenda items:

  1. Board positions, nominations, elections, etc.: 2018 term expirations are coming up and Kevin Vitulli, Aaron Bessonette, Rob Tidd and Mike Williams have terms that will expire. Kevin will not seek reelection and Aaron and Rob will. It looks like there will be at least two new spots opening,  potentially three. So we should seek nominees. Some names were discussed by the board, but we want to see if there's interest from the members at large. We’re scheduled to have club elections next week. So it was proposed that we take it to the club and ask who's interested. Secondly, we have the next Vice President nomination coming up, which would put that person in line to be president in 2022. Dom said he'd put his name forward for consideration if no one has any objections. 
  2. An honorary membership was proposed for Jim "Doc" Goodwin, who is a 30-year member of the club. Pretty broad approval for that. Rob made a motion for both Roy Miller and Doc to be honorary members, Dom seconded, it was unanimously approved.
  3. New member proposed: Andrea Johnson. The board unanimously approved her application. 
  4. Membership update: Kristen Focht is out as The Wenatchee World corporate member, but sports editor David Heiling will be joining soon. Jacob Gillespie stills wants to be a part of the club, and Josh Jorgensen is still in, but can’t come to many meetings. Not sure about Jim Mills and Dan Moody at this point, but we've paid RI for our current members so we'll have to collect from the folks who are on our roster. 
  5. NCW Sports Awards update: Dom has been meeting twice a week with iFiber One News, and we have made significant progress on the plan for the next phase. You can read the working doc with notes and info about that here. The plan is to air our first broadcast starting February. So the next step is for the NCW Sports Awards selection and scholarship committees to meet and discuss watchlist athletes, coaches and teams, as well as identify students who deserve our scholarships. We also talked briefly about a "plan B" which would be just going back to announcing our picks once a year and sending a press release to regional media. We also talked about Doc Goodwin’s donation and the foundation's role there. The funds have been kept in the checking account, so it can be transferred back if needed. But the point of establishing the foundation was, in most part, to distribute those scholarship funds. So that’s how we should proceed. The club will make sure the funds will be there for the foundation to distribute. We have committed to $7k in funds to scholarships per year, and will use our multiple fundraisers per year to provide those funds.
  6. Upcoming programs: Club assembly and elections next week. Each committee chair will update the club membership and ask for participation, we have some new members who need committee assignments and a way to get involved. Foundation day is the 14th of Feb. 14 and we'll have a program about the WNR Foundation and the RI Foundation too.

Old Business:

Discussed the with the 4th of July fundraiser and talked about the logistics of running the beer garden. We also talked about the Burlington Ribfest put on by our fellow Rotarians in B.C., which raised more than $200k last year. Wow. 

New Business:

Should we change our meeting time? Lunch and breakfast meetings are tough for people with busy schedules. What about an after-hours meeting instead? A "cocktail club" like the one in Ellensburg, which meets at a local pub at 5:30 for a short time between the end of work and the beginning of dinner. Let's take it to the club and see what the members think. 

Meeting adjourned sometime after 1:15, but Dom had to get going so he didn't get the exact time. 

– Notes by Dominick Bonny, WNR Secretary


WNR Meeting Notes for Jan. 17, 2018


  • New member Andrea Johnson

Happy Bucks

  • Andrea had $1 in celebration of snowboarder Shaun White's recent performance ahead of the Olympics next month. 
  • She also had $1 for her daughter, who was just named the director of Emily's Program in Seattle.
  • Daryn had $2 for the Vikings ahead of their matchup against the Patriots in the Superbowl. 
  • Bob Bullis had $1 in celebration of his family's recent trip to New Zealand. 
  • Rob had a $1 and news about Waterville's recent athletic performance. 
  • Mike (making it rain) had $5 to celebrate 41 years of marriage to his wife! 
  • And Earl had $1 for the WVC Basketball program and urges WNR members to go support our college athletics and our athletes. 


  • It's official, Andrea has been voted in and will be joining the club! 
  • There's a board meeting today, Jan. 18, at noon at the usual spot, Godfather's Pizza in Wenatchee. 
  • Next week we're having club elections, so make sure to join us! 


News from Mission: GranDuro

WNR Member Evan Plews riding the Mission: GranDuro course. 

WNR Member Evan Plews riding the Mission: GranDuro course. 

This week we heard from WNR member Evan Plews about the Mission: GranDuro bike race, and the exciting new changes coming this year. Registration for the race is now open, and the routes (a long and a short) will be similar to past years. 

The GranDuro will be a part of the NW Epic Series this year, and that means improved timing capabilities through technology. Each rider will be chipped (well, the bikes will) and once they cross the finish line the times will be recorded in near real time. Very cool. 

As usual, Evan will need volunteers to help out during this year's race, which is on June 30, and you'll be hearing more about that as the date nears. In the meantime, check out the GranDuro website for more info about this really unique and fun bike race that brings riders from across the country. 

Dom's Book Corner


Lincoln In The Bardo

By George Saunders

A novel of love and loss, rarely have I encountered such a unique and enthralling story that both educates and entertains. Little Willie Lincoln was beloved by his parents and every White House visitor alike. He died from illness during the Civil War and the story follows his journey through the "Bardo", which is an intermediate, transitional, or liminal state between death and rebirth in the Buddhist tradition. I found this book to be as perplexing, heartbreaking and morbid as it was hilarious, deeply touching and poignant. I can see why everyone is talking about this one. I highly recommend. 

– Dominick Bonny, WNR secretary



Meeting notes for Dec. 20, 2017



  • Kevin Vitulli wanted to thank everyone who pitched in for Salvation Army bell ringing duty recently. 
  • Rob thanked Greg Franz, for organizing Tuesday night's basketball game and said that he and Bealinda were thrilled to host a team overnight. 
  • Rob also mentioned the LEGO Robotics Tournament, which he helped referee recently, and gave a shout out to WNR member Rob Brown (with the Wenatchee School District) for organizing that wonderful educational competition.  
  • There will be no board meeting this month, so take note. We'll be back in January at Godfather's Pizza in Wenatchee, and all WNR members are invited to attend. 

Happy Bucks

  • Dom had a buck in thanks for Patrick Bodell's charitable decision to leave his gloves with me for my bell ringing shift. They came in very... handy. 
  • Kevin had a buck to celebrate the Vitulli's upcoming trip to New Zealand for a wedding.
  • Ivan had a buck for his upcoming wedding anniversary, which he and his wife will be celebrating with a cruise! 
  • Randy had a buck to celebrate the Zielinski's upcoming Costa Rica trip, where they will be hunting for a snowbird nest. Very exciting! 
  • Greg had a buck to celebrate the basketball boys that livened up the Franz household earlier this week and gave a shout out to Branden Dragoo, who was one of the main organizers behind the basketball showcase taking place at the Town Toyota Center this week. 
  • Jeremy French had a buck to celebrate his recent move to People's Bank in Wenatchee, where he has accepted the position of branch manager there. Way to go, Jeremy! 

Presentation – NCW Sports Awards 2.0

The big question when it comes to the NCW Sports Awards is: where do we go from here? 

It's very expensive to rent a large venue and pay for 500 to 600 banquet meals and produce a 60-page magazine for one event. So the NCW Sports Awards committee has come up with an alternative. 

What if we go to a TV magazine format? If we partner with a business like iFiber One Communications, which has just made a big push into the NCW region and create monthly sports highlight segments for their TV news station we have the ability to raise our program's profile and ultimately reach more people. For the event itself, we can tuck that into the college's sports dinner. And we still have the potential to raise funds through ad sales – but rather than print ads for the magazine we'll sell TV ads that will run before, during and after our sports segment on iFiber One. 

You can learn more about the concept by reading the white sheet here. We're still in the exploratory phase of this concept, but the iFiber One folks have expressed interest in this idea as a mutually-beneficial option for everyone involved. You can comment on the doc if you have thoughts and/or ideas. 

Dom's Book Corner


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

By Mark Twain

Mark Twain has been my favorite author since I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as a boy. And this book reinforced my adoration of the author, reminding me of the literary genius old Sam commanded. It's laugh-out-loud funny in parts and downright sad in others, but it's always making a point. He satirizes silly, cruel and unjust social structures of the bygone Feudal era in order to pointedly direct attention to the silly, cruel and unjust social structures of the "modern" era in which he was writing. What was serfdom, but slavery by another name? And what was indentured servitude, but slavery by another name? 

The best scene is when King Arthur and our hero are delivered into subjugation and bondage and have to walk a mile in the shoes of the used, broken and downtrodden people who make up 90% of his kingdom. Seems to me like a tradition we should enact for our leaders today... 

– Dominick Bonny, Secretary

Meeting Notes for Dec. 6, 2017


Today's guests

  • Ron Bates, with the Wenatchee World advertising department
  • Eric West, with Link Transit
  • Lauren Loebsack, with Link Transit

Happy Bucks

  • Rob Tidd had $1 for his Apple Cup football pool. Although the Cougs lost (sadly) he won one quarter and donated his winnings to the club coffers. 
  • Ivan threw in a buck not in happiness, but in recompense for missing our last board meeting on Nov. 17. For those who did miss it, there's a podcast of that meeting in a previous post on our website news blog.
  • President Richard's 30th anniversary is this week, and he gave a buck for each year of marriage. (so that's 30 happy bucks for anyone really bad at math). They will be celebrating with a cruise through the famous Panama Canal. Bon voyage DeRocks! 


  • The WNR Holiday Party is next Wednesday, Dec. 13, from 6 to 9 p.m. The food is always very good, and the price per plate is $25. Please RSVP to Bealinda Tidd by Dec. 8 by email or phone. Her email address is and her phone number is 509-860-6483. We will also be collecting stocking stuffers, toys and needed clothing for local children in need ages 0-18. Bealinda has a list of items they're looking for and will send that out to everyone. 
  • The City of Wenatchee is looking for volunteers to help shovel snow for mostly elderly and special needs folks in town this winter. If you'd like to sign up to help out please mail or call Anna Zumba, Public Information Officer at the City of Wenatchee, 509-888-3623, 

Presentation – The Future of Link Transit

Today we heard from the good folks of Link Transit and were actually a beta test group for a presentation that will be repeated to other service clubs and group meetings until next February when the community will vote on whether or not to increase Link's operating budget. 

Rather than transcribe my chicken scratch, I asked President Richard for his powerpoint presentation so I could merely embed it below. Here you go: 

Dom's Book Corner



by Ron Chernow

Ulysses S. Grant is one of the most misunderstood and most important presidents in American history, and that's not an understatement. This new biography by historian Ron Chernow is about 1000 pages (not counting footnotes) yet it reads like a page-turning paperback. Often remembered as a failure at business and an incorrigible drunkard, that's only half true, about half the time. One of his greatest achievements might have been mastering his addiction to alcohol, but others notable high-points of his life included turning the tide of the Civil War almost single-handedly (if you don't count hundreds of thousands who followed his orders) and eventually accepting Lee's surrender at Appomattox. He also oversaw a period of reconstruction in this country that could have devolved into another civil war and did his best to protect black citizens in the south and ensure their rights. Unfortunately, that was too tall an order and sadly many black Americans were massacred at the hands of the "night riders" of the south and it wasn't until the 1960s before blacks in the south could exercise their right to vote without the threat of physical violence. I highly recommend this excellent biography. Chernow has made a Grant fan out of this eastern Washington farmboy, I'll confess to that. 

Dominick Bonny, Wenatchee North Rotary Secretary