Board of Directors Meeting - January 17th

1)     Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 12:06 PM

2)     Approval of Minutes
Motion by Katie Atkinson & second by Kellen Patten to accept the minutes for December

3)     Financial Report
Kellen went over the budget. Motion by Belinda Tidd & second by Lindsay Bensen to approve the financial reports & bills to be paid.

4)     Mardi Gras Party
We talked about having a Mardi Gras Party on Tuesday March 5th. Details are being worked out.

5)     RLI Support
It is suggested that we support someone from our leadership to attend the 2 day event about the leadership of Rotary. It is hosted at the Cordell Neher in Wenatchee. The cost is about $170 that covers food and materials of the course. The board agreed to have both Eric Limon and Dominick Bonney attend the training.

6)     Beer Garden Organization
With upcoming changes, Richard feels that we will do better with the beer garden this year, the 4 local breweries have agreed to come on board and are willing to staff it. It is possible that one of the local wineries will come forward and assist.
Last year we rented a bunch of stuff (tents, tables, and chairs) which cost us roughly $1,100. It was discussed about possibly purchasing materials that were rented to help keep the cost down over the long term. Katie Atkinson made a motion to approve purchasing 2 10x30 tents for our club, second by Eric Limon.

7)     Committee Reports (Please be prepared to report on the committees you oversee)
Patrick – World Services Group has $2,000 budget. He has requested the board to approve spending the $2,000 on Hippo Rollers. Motion by Belinda Tidd, 2nd by Lindsay Benson.
Lindsay – Programs – is continuing to find people to present at our noon meetings, we have quite a few classification talks. Richard suggested possibly county commissioners or other local elected officials to come in and talk.
Katie – Asked for a follow up on previously discussed items. Rob received a $500 for public image grant that will be used for an open house type forum to help recruit new members. Richard is still looking into getting Club Runner access for our club, it was suggested to possibly have another Rotarian from another group to present the usage of Club Runner.

8)     Conference – Club Role
The conference will be in Wenatchee between May 13-16, 2021
The downtown club has offered to provide home hosting.
The sunrise club has offered to handle the golf tournament.
There was discussion about different ideas for showcasing our area during the conference. There was also discussion on using the Convention Center and Town Toyota Center, and possible speakers.
We need to figure out fun things to do on Friday, and events on Saturday.

9)     New Business

10)  Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 1:32 PM