Board of Directors Meeting - September 12th

1.       Call to Order – Meeting called to order at 12:09 by Richard DeRock

2.       Approval of minutes

Cameron De Mestre made a motion to approve the minutes from the June and July months & second by Katie Atkinson

3.       Treasures Report
Updated financials presented, motion by Eric Limon and 2nd by Patrick Bodell

4.       Update on financial reports – IRS 9900

a.       Corporate close down for North Club

b.       Secretary of State Charities Filing for Confluence Club

c.       I-990 for Confluence Club (May 29, 2018 – June 30, 2018)

We have to close down the North Club it has to be done by the end of October, Richard is going to look into that and may need to involve an accounting firm. We do need to file our taxes on the Confluence club, that would be a 990 form. There should be no revenue for the month of June which we need to file for. We also need to file with the state on the Charities filing, Richard has filed the preliminary.

5.       Directory Edits
Katie Atkinson will take on getting the directory entries updated for the 8 club Rotary directory. This will include updated details and information for each of the members in this area.

6.       Membership updates
We have 6 new members added since we chartered as Confluence club, we have 7 new proposed members that are interested in joining.

a.       Two resignations of Steve Ellis & Jeremy French, motion by Eric Limon & second by Katie Atkinson

b.       Approval of Corporate Membership for Rimmer and Roeter Construction – Jamie Rimmer & Steve Roeter – Katie Atkinson motioned, 2nd by Eric Limon

c.       Approval of Brandt Cappell – motion by Cameron De Mestre & second by Kellen Parton

7.       New member vetting – was suggested to check social media posting by prospective new members. Rob Tidd will check with Kat Bonney about checking social media page content prior to new members being joined.

8.       Satellite Club Sponsorship – “Rotary Now”

a.       Organization –

b.       Location – Rivertop Grill at the top of the Coast Center Hotel

c.       Time – Twice a month at 5:30 PM

There was discussion about the satellite club and discussion about other Rotary clubs that have satellite clubs. Lindsey Bentsen moved forward to approve, second by Cameron De Mestre.

9.       Report of committee assignments and goal achievements
Membership – number one in district for membership growth

Rocky Reach tour went great, Katie said there might be an opportunity for Skating

Patrick posted Treats blog on Facebook, you can sign up for notifications.

Katie has been working on our clubs’ public image.

10.   Lindsey is working towards getting this setup, Lindsey approved moving forward with $30 fee, 2nd by Katie Atkinson.

11.   Cameron is working with Randy, we need to dig the holes for about 20 shrubs and put in drip lines, Cameron is willing to coordinate, we just need 3 people to help put the plants in the ground.

12.   Make a difference day – If we want to continue, we need someone to take the lead on that event. Make a difference day is Saturday October 27th we will seek out volunteers to help lead the efforts at the next regular meeting.

13.   New business – Patrick asked about the monthly stipend for exchange students, Kellen will get together with Patrick after the meeting.
Earl brought up the fact that next year, will be the 50th anniversary of our Club.
Richard said we need to identify who wants to work on the District Conference.
In April of 2019, Rotary leadership will be hosted in Wenatchee, it teaches everything about Rotary, this is a Saturday/Sunday. We need to encourage people to continue.

14.   Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM