Board of Directors Meeting - July 26, 2018

July 26th – Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club

1)      Call to Order:
12:10 PM by Richard

2)      Approval of minutes:
Will present at the next meeting as minutes were not printed for the meeting.

3)      Approval of financials
Kellen presented financials, members are encouraged to pay our dues, since cash is still low after the start of the new club. Rob Tidd made a motion 2nd by Eric Limon

4)      Amendment to budget
Richard readjusted the budget for revenue and expenses coming from the beer garden. Was able to reduce both district dues and Rotary International dues reflected in the budget. We need to be consensus on spending for the duration of the next year.

Motion to approve the adjusted budget by Katie Atkinson 2nd by Belinda Tidd.

5)       Special Board Meeting – Wednesday, August 8th – Noon at Columbia Station
Special board meeting with Sherry Chamberlain to discuss her goals:
1.      Bring in a new member and be awarded custom sponsor pin.
2.      Do a club hands-on community project to engage members.
3.      Create a new project in your community
4.      Get involved with International (Hippo Roller)
5.      Celebrate World Polio Day on October 24th
6.      Improve Rotary Operations and Database – update ClubRunner profile.
7.      Promote everything – Attract new members & spread the word on Rotary work.

6)      Special Evening Meeting with District Governor
August 8th at 5:30 at Town Toyota Center – Sherry will do a presentation, we will induct new members, and possibly present club charter. Families are encouraged to come.

7)      Scheduling a board retreat to develop work plan to achieve goals
An evening at Richard’s house, how to achieve goals. 5:30pm on August 1st.

8)      New business
Three applicants are requesting to join our club: Katja Rowell, Mabel Amelia Bodell, and Davis Halle. Motion to approve the new members by Eric Limon & Dominick Bonny

Joe Gamboni agreed to take the role of Sargent of Arms, Richard will further discuss at a Wednesday meeting with members.

The following months are different months that Rotary suggests for topics for programs:
August – Membership
September – Education
October – Economic and community development
November – Rotary Foundation
December – Disease Prevention
January – Vocational Service
February – Peace & Conflict
March – Water & Sanitation
April – Maternal & Child Health
May – Youth Services
June – Rotary Fellowship

9)       Adjournment
Meeting Adjourned at 1:20 PM