Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2018

This week we welcomed Thom Nees of Serve Wenatchee Valley as our guest speaker. 

This week we welcomed Thom Nees of Serve Wenatchee Valley as our guest speaker. 

Attending: 21 people, 2 guests. 


  • Help welcome out incoming Rotary exchange student Alina Heikkurinen from Finland to our community on Aug. 21 at 2:15 p.m. at Pangborn Memorial Airpot in East Wenatchee. There's a event page with details on our Facebook page. 
  • Great work at the Fourth of July beer and wine garden! Thirty-two of 48 members showed up to help out, and that's great! There's a lot to build on, and if you have ideas on how to next year even better, please email Rob Tidd or me, Dominick Bonny, by clicking on our names. 
  • On Aug. 14 the downtown club is doing a "friend-raiser" and you can find more about that on their Facebook page. 
  • Our club board meeting in August is on the 8th at noon at Columbia Station, with an official chartering ceremony at the Town Toyota Center at 5:30 where we will be welcoming the district governor! Please make every effort to make it to that evening's event, and remember that all members are welcome at every board meeting. 
  • If you would like to help out at the Gorge serving beers to thirsty fans to help raise funds for the club, the final training session is July 17 at McDees. If you haven't signed up already, please do by emailing Rob Tidd. 
  • Thanks to Randy's hard work and dedication, crews will break ground on the new Rotary Park parking lot in the next few weeks! You can see a story covering this great news the July 11 edition of the Wenatchee World. 
  • Andrea wanted to put in a plug for the Royal Family Kids Camp golf tournament, dinner and auction which is coming up soon. Please play, sponsor a hole, buy a table or just attend and learn more about this organization doing so much for children who have been the victims of abuse. Get more information via their website here
  • Aug. 9 is the all Rotary club picnic at Sunrise Circle in Wenatchee. A $5 donation to help cover burgers and dogs is recommended but not required and everyone is asked to bring a salad or dessert to share. There's a pool and kids are welcome to swim. It's a great time and I suggest you go if you can. Here's a little video I made for Melissa and Jesus Hernandez and the downtown club from my first all-club picnic. 

Happy Bucks

  • Kevin had a happy/sad buck. He spent the last few weeks moving his parents out of his childhood home, which was a bittersweet experience. 
  • Lindsay Bentsen had a happy buck for a lovely family road trip from which they just returned. 
  • Patrick had a happy buck and a story about Giorgio, the Rotary exchange student whom they played host to who just went back home to Italy. He sent Patrick a photo, in full WHS golf team uniform, from a course in Milan, Italy last week and that was pretty cool. 
  • Kellen had a buck in celebration of his son's first Mariner's game. Go M's! 
  • President Richard had two bucks – one in celebration of the Fourth of July beer and wine garden last week and one because his parents are in town visiting. 
  • Shannon had a buck for a wonderful trip she recently enjoyed with her daughter. 
  • Cameron had a buck for England, in hopes that they would proceed to the World Cup final on Saturday. 
  • I (Dom) had a buck for Croatia, in hopes that THEY would proceed to the World Cup final Saturday. Why? I love an underdog, and I support anyone who beats Russia at anything. 

Presentation: Serve Wenatchee Valley

This week we welcomed Thom Nees of Serve Wenatchee Valley, which is a local non-profit that helps prevent homelessness by keeping people in their homes who might otherwise be kicked out to live (and die) on the streets. Needless to say it's more expensive for society to deal with people already on the streets than it is to find the resources needed to keep people on the fringe from becoming homeless. That's where Serve Wenatchee comes in. They act as a self-described clearing house matching local charities, churches and non-profits with the people who need their help the most. 

Thom told the story of a South Wenatchee resident who is dying of cancer. Because her property was very cluttered and in violation of city code, she was in danger of losing her home. Serve Wenatchee helped get the deadline for compliance extended through the city and arranged for volunteers and movers to clean up her property. Not sure how many eyes in the room were dry during the retelling of that tale... 

If you'd like to know more about what Serve Wenatchee is doing, and help in their upcoming project called "Clothes 4 the Classroom" to help provide poor children with clean new clothes for the start of school in September please visit their website at Or email Thom directly by clicking here

Now I'll leave you with a clip of Mayor Kuntz in the Serve Wenatchee dunk tank at the Fourth of July celebration last week. If you look closely, you can see Thom "helping" the kid who threw the ball that felled the mayor. 

Notes by Dominick Bonny