Final Wenatchee North Rotary Board Meeting Notes

Wenatchee North Rotary Board Meeting Notes

June 21, 2018 at Columbia Station in Wenatchee

Attending: Linda Adamson, Katie Atkinson, Kellen Parton, Kevin Vitulli, Patrick Bodell, Cam De Mestre, Dominick Bonny, Kathryn Bonny, Lindsay Bentsen. 

Meeting called to order at 12:19 p.m. 

Treasurer's report: All outstanding bills are paid and there's about $10k left in the Wenatchee North Rotary account. None of the funds from WNR can transfer to Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence. 

Thus, president Richard proposed we give $3k of those funds to Rotary Park maintenance. Dom made the motion, it was seconded by Kevin and passed unanimously.   

The second motion was also made by Dom, to cover the cost of Rotary event abroad for the most recent Allen Landis Scholarship recipient, Treat Schubert, as he studies abroad in Japan, we well as give additional funds to StoveTeam International. It was seconded by Kevin and passed unanimously. 

President Richard suggested we give the remaining $3k to the Rotary International Foundation, split evenly among the members moving over to Confluence Rotary so those funds will be counted toward their Paul Harris Fellowships (after all remaining bills have been taken care of). 

The motion to move remaining club funds to the RI Foundation was made by Kevin, and seconded by Patrick. The motion passed unanimously. 

Then President Richard requested authorization to officially dissolve the Wenatchee North Rotary Club. The motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Lindsey. It was passed unanimously. 

Wenatchee North Rotary was dissolved at 12:55 p.m. and the board of the Rotary Club of Wenatchee Confluence commenced its first board meeting. 

Those notes will be on the website soon and will be published by the new club secretary Carl Polson.  

Notes by Dominick Bonny, Wenatchee North Club Secretary/Confluence Rotary Club Vice President