WNR Board Meeting Notes, Jan. 2018

Meeting location: Godfather's Pizza, Wenatchee. Meeting called to order at 12:10 p.m.

Attending: Kellen Parton, Richard DeRock, Belinda Tidd, Rob Tidd, Aaron Bessonette, Ivan Christensen, Dominick Bonny and Rick Baldini. 

Secretary's Report: The meeting prior to this was in Nov. 2017, and you can listen to that meeting in podcast format on our website here

Treasurer's Report: Invoices for dues will be coming out soon, and Greg has been working back on collecting on invoices from NCW Sports Awards ($3800 so far).

Agenda items:

  1. Board positions, nominations, elections, etc.: 2018 term expirations are coming up and Kevin Vitulli, Aaron Bessonette, Rob Tidd and Mike Williams have terms that will expire. Kevin will not seek reelection and Aaron and Rob will. It looks like there will be at least two new spots opening,  potentially three. So we should seek nominees. Some names were discussed by the board, but we want to see if there's interest from the members at large. We’re scheduled to have club elections next week. So it was proposed that we take it to the club and ask who's interested. Secondly, we have the next Vice President nomination coming up, which would put that person in line to be president in 2022. Dom said he'd put his name forward for consideration if no one has any objections. 
  2. An honorary membership was proposed for Jim "Doc" Goodwin, who is a 30-year member of the club. Pretty broad approval for that. Rob made a motion for both Roy Miller and Doc to be honorary members, Dom seconded, it was unanimously approved.
  3. New member proposed: Andrea Johnson. The board unanimously approved her application. 
  4. Membership update: Kristen Focht is out as The Wenatchee World corporate member, but sports editor David Heiling will be joining soon. Jacob Gillespie stills wants to be a part of the club, and Josh Jorgensen is still in, but can’t come to many meetings. Not sure about Jim Mills and Dan Moody at this point, but we've paid RI for our current members so we'll have to collect from the folks who are on our roster. 
  5. NCW Sports Awards update: Dom has been meeting twice a week with iFiber One News, and we have made significant progress on the plan for the next phase. You can read the working doc with notes and info about that here. The plan is to air our first broadcast starting February. So the next step is for the NCW Sports Awards selection and scholarship committees to meet and discuss watchlist athletes, coaches and teams, as well as identify students who deserve our scholarships. We also talked briefly about a "plan B" which would be just going back to announcing our picks once a year and sending a press release to regional media. We also talked about Doc Goodwin’s donation and the foundation's role there. The funds have been kept in the checking account, so it can be transferred back if needed. But the point of establishing the foundation was, in most part, to distribute those scholarship funds. So that’s how we should proceed. The club will make sure the funds will be there for the foundation to distribute. We have committed to $7k in funds to scholarships per year, and will use our multiple fundraisers per year to provide those funds.
  6. Upcoming programs: Club assembly and elections next week. Each committee chair will update the club membership and ask for participation, we have some new members who need committee assignments and a way to get involved. Foundation day is the 14th of Feb. 14 and we'll have a program about the WNR Foundation and the RI Foundation too.

Old Business:

Discussed the with the 4th of July fundraiser and talked about the logistics of running the beer garden. We also talked about the Burlington Ribfest put on by our fellow Rotarians in B.C., which raised more than $200k last year. Wow. 

New Business:

Should we change our meeting time? Lunch and breakfast meetings are tough for people with busy schedules. What about an after-hours meeting instead? A "cocktail club" like the one in Ellensburg, which meets at a local pub at 5:30 for a short time between the end of work and the beginning of dinner. Let's take it to the club and see what the members think. 

Meeting adjourned sometime after 1:15, but Dom had to get going so he didn't get the exact time. 

– Notes by Dominick Bonny, WNR Secretary