Meeting notes for Sept. 6, 2017


  • Laura Laecks and Steve Schwind (Rotarian), Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center
  • Jim Corcoran, Rotarian and AppleSox owner
  • Sarah Franklin, new proposed member
  • Cam De Mestre, new proposed member
  • Natalie Clare Bonny, baby

President Richard's This Day In History

Many, many things happened on this day in history and you can see them all courtesy of The History Channel here

Happy Bucks

  • $1 from Rob for our club's partnership with WVC Athletics, and a shout out about this Saturday. We need some volunteers to help out during two soccer matches, starting at 2 p.m. at Wenatchee Valley College (weather permitting). Please contact Rob at sign up. 
  • Randy had a buck for Make A Difference Day, and a request – we're looking for ideas for this year's Make A Difference Day volunteer project. Email Randy with your suggestions/ideas at
  • And President Richard had a buck in celebration of Bealinda Tidd's recent election as our new Board Vice President! 

Then we welcomed new members! 

Welcome new Wenatchee North Rotarians Sarah Franklin and Cam De Mestre!

Make sure to attend our Sept. 20th meeting to hear their classification talks. 

Presentation by 

Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center

Then we welcomed Laura Jaecks, board president of the Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center, and one of their volunteer mediators Steve Schwind. The organization's motto is: "Changing relationships through peaceful conflict resolution." 

In Laura's words, "We help people stay out of the court system." 

They're doing some important and rewarding work and are looking for more volunteer mediators. If you are interested in helping out, donating, or if you just want to know more about the organization visit their website here