Meeting Notes for April 12, 2017

Step Right Up! Bob and Nita Paine Visit WNR and the High Rollers Fork Over The Happy Bucks

This week our guests included Zach Clanton and Mike Garoutte with Wenatchee Valley College Athletics, Bob and Nita Paine of the Keep It In The Valley Foundation/Apple Blossom Funnel Cake Stand and Emily Geisler of the Wenatchee World advertising department. 

Happy Bucks

  • Martin had $2 happy bucks: $1 for his daughter Clare, who won a Whiting Award for her playwriting recently and he got to see her and his grandchildren on his most recent trip. And $1 for the impressive group of young folks from Kyrgyzstan, some of whom he is playing host to during their cultural exchange here. 
  • Kevin had $1 for his recent trip to Scottsdale, AZ where he and his wife got to see the Grand Canyon. 
  • Rob had $1 because he's going to California, and he wanted everyone to know he's NOT flying United... 
  • Earl had $1 for WVC Athletics, and reminded us that we as a club should make a concerted effort to support WVC teams. He also reminded us about the WVC Athletics auction, which took place last Saturday at the college. Proceeds go to support the teams and donations are still being accepted, of course. 
  • Ivan had $1 for his most recent trip in which he (true to form) got to play with a train. 
  • Greg (the big spender!) had $10 in celebration of the fact that they finally settled with insurance company, 637 days after the fire. So I guess sometimes Nationwide ISN'T on your side. 


  • The WNR Foundation is currently just under $62K, thanks to some recent donations from generous members. If you'd like to pitch in and help us reach our $100k goal, talk to Earl or either one of the Davids. 
  • And the WNR Foundation will now be accepting applications for funding! Do you have a project in mind that you think would benefit from a little help from our new foundation? Get an application from Earl! You can email him at
  • Rotary Park News: the second shelter is on the drawing board and they are currently in the fundraising stage. If you'd like to donate and pitch in, catch Randy at meeting or email him at
  • Sports Awards news: Send nominations for our President's Award in now! Do you know someone who has made a significant impact on the local athletic community? Let's honor him or her at this year's Sports Awards and Hall of Fame Ceremony. Email your suggestions to President Kevin at On the ad sales front, please finish making your sales by May 3! Remember that this is the single largest source of revenue for this event and this event is the flagship fundraiser for our club, as well as an integral part of our brand. If you are a WNR member make sure to put this event on your calendar and plan on selling (or buying) at least one book of tickets (one table). 

This Week's Presentation: Nita & Bob Paine of the Keep It In The Valley Foundation

The story of the Keep It In The Valley Foundation is an inspirational one. The foundation's main fundraiser is the Cakes For College initiative and for the last 8 years they and hordes of volunteers have served millions of funnels cakes at our world-famous Apple Blossom Festival here in Wenatchee and all the proceeds go to $1,500 scholarships for students to attend WVC. So far they have given away 60 scholarships

Their goal is to have raised $100k by their 10th anniversary, and they'd like to hand this project off to the next generation of volunteer leaders in the near future. If you'd like to learn more about this amazing project, or volunteer to serve funnel cakes and more at this year's Apple Blossom, visit their website and email them for more info. They are always looking for more help!