Million Dollar Dinner – South Raises the Big Bucks to Eradicate Polio!

From Assistant Governor Carol Adamson:

"I just wanted to give you an update on the fantastic weekend District 5060 had with their Million Dollar Dinners.  A great big thank you to Jim Russell who was the one who spearheaded the "South of the Border" dinner.  It was an absolutely terrific evening on Friday, with a lot of enthusiasm, great speakers, good food, fun fellowship and a home run announcement of what 5060 accomplished for the Foundation.  It was also wonderful to have the Cadman family there to honor their father, Dr. Ed Cadman, who was instrumental in starting the Polio eradication program.

Total amount received for the Foundation was (drum roll please) $1,571,684.03!!! 20% was cash contributions, 80% legacy gifts. $55,500 was the grand total for polio which was included in the grand total. Thanks to all who had a part in this event."

Learn more about this great event via Wenatchee Rotary Club's Facebook page here