Meeting Notes for Feb. 15, 2017


  • Proposed new members Patrick Bodell and Dr. Cameron Alexander.
  • Carl Poulson, of Confluence Health as well as Katie Atkinson's cousin.
  • Colin Brine, formerly of WNR and now of Leavenworth Rotary.
  • Terry Scholar, Wenatchee Downtown Rotary.
  • Sally Brawley, Eastmont Metro Parks.

Happy Bucks

  • Jason Barnes had a buck for he and his wife's first date since having the baby!
  • Martin had a buck and a story about a recent trip that was quite thrilling.
  • Angie also had a buck in celebration of recent travels. She recently returned from Puerto Vallarta.
  • Bob Bullis had a buck for his large turnout for WHS track recently.
  • Earl had a buck and a shout out to Greg and the college for how good the new basketball court looks.
  • And I (Dom) had a buck to promote the Janice Franz Talent Show, now in it's 20th year. It's a great program and I encourage you to all attend tomorrow night's finale at WHS.


  • Sports Awards meeting next week on Tuesday at the Wenatchee World at 5:30.
  • WNR Foundation meeting next Thursday, Earl encourages all WNR members to attend.
  • WNR board meeting Feb. 16 (which was today). We approved three new membership applications and discussed several potential service projects like this "Blessing Box" idea that is becoming popular in communities across the country.

This week's speaker:

Sally Brawley, Eastmont Metro Parks & Recreation

Eastmont Metro Parks & Recreation have come a long way since 1999. Back then they didn't have enough money to operate the few parks the community did have, and the Eastmont aquatic center was in danger of being shuttered due to disrepair. Cut to 20 years later and things looking up. They didn't have to close the pool because they struck a deal with the YMCA years ago and in the 2016 election cycle they actually passed a $4 million bond to build a new park and repair old ones.

The bond required a super-majority of 60% or higher to pass and they got 64.5% of the vote. After waiting to hear back about a $500k matching state grant, they expect to take the next step in the process and break ground soon. Extensive repairs on the Eastmont aquatic center is also planned.

For more info on Eastmont parks and rec visit their website here.

Dom's Book Corner:

"Norse Mythology" by Neil Gaiman

From time to time I like to suggest contemporary literature for the consideration and edification of my fellow club members. This week I suggest picking up "Norse Mythology" by Neil Gaiman. In just a few short weeks since being published it's flown off the shelves and become this popular British author's biggest hit to date, and I can tell why. He synthesizes and codifies the most important and still surviving tales of Thor, Odin, Freya, Loki and the rest of the Norse gods without watering them down or modernizing them to the point of blandness. But he still manages to keep it interesting and the plot clipping along like we modern readers have come to expect. What I find so interesting about ancient religious myths of the Norse (and even Native American tribes like the Wenatchi) is how much mischief and mirth were, for lack of a better term, revered traits. Sure Thor was the main man. He embodied all the traits most prized by these ancient people: a warlike thirst for conquest and blood, an insatiable appetite for food, drink and other things and a complete absence of fear in the face of even the most insurmountable odds. Yet cunning, an irreverence for authority and a black, prank-based sociopathic sense of humor were also lauded and embodied by the god Loki. And while Loki was admittedly the source of all of the gods' misery and strife,  everything he broke he fixed and without him around Valhalla was very boring indeed. It's interesting what a civilization's religious myths say about the things a culture valued and celebrated.