Meeting Notes for Feb. 1, 2017

Club Assembly 2.1.17-1.png

Business of the day: club assembly

  1. Since we didn't have a guest speaker today we devoted our time to club business, starting with the announcement of an expansion of the board. We're going from 9 to 12 board members, and Ivan Christenson will be joining the board this year. That leaves one director position open and the president elect-elect position as well. So if you are interested in a board position, or if you'd like to get in line for the podium, let President Kevin, President-elect Richard or any other board member know!
  2. Sports Awards business was the second topic of new business discussion. This year we got a jump on things early. We locked down Joe Harris Jr. as our keynote speaker (thanks to Angie Coleman) and we've set a date, June 6, 2017. Tickets are already for sale online via our website and you can download our 2017 sales sheet by just clicking here. Also this year all members are expected to either buy or sell one table and/or purchase one advertisement in the program themselves (a quarter-page or larger). If you can't do either one of those things, please pledge to sell at least four ads. Our single greatest source of revenue for this event are the program ads, followed by ticket sales. That's the money that pays for the scholarships, the food and the space. So those have to be our highest two priorities, and we need all hands on deck. Whichever way you want to slice it each one of us needs to generate at least $400 in revenue in some way for this effort to be successful and surpass previous years. Also we need help on the event coordination end of things. With Greg as chairman and me (Dom) focused on communications, we need someone to take point on actually making the whole thing an event to remember. Personally I think it'd be awesome to have a 3-point shot contest at some point, since we have an NBA player as our keynote...


  • Next week will meet as usual at the TTC, program to be determined.
  • We have a new website, which you already know about since you're on it right now.


  • Bryan Campbell, Wenatchee Downtown Rotary
  • Brit Dudeck, Wenatchee Downtown Rotary
  • Cameron Alexander, DDS, of Fibonacci's Smile and a proposed new member.

President K's "This Day In History"

Today in 1957 president Harry Truman kicks off the hydrogen bomb program that culminated in the development of the H-bomb*. H-bombs, about 50 times more powerful than the A-bombs dropped on Japan, can kill half the population of the greater Seattle area in the initial blast alone. The program produced 27 H-bombs that were dropped on the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific over the course of about a decade. Ironically, there was a spy in our super secret program so all the nuclear research done ostensibly to protect us ended up in the hands of the Russians, enabling them to develop the very same bomb we did, locking in that mutually-assured destruction that became such a Cold War buzzword.

*Fascinating as apocalyptic, face-melting military technology is I'd like to take this opportunity to link to this front page article in Sunday's edition of the New York Times about Tim Snider in Richland, Wa. who, among other vets who cleaned up the Marshall Islands after those tests, has cancerous tumors riddling his body. In fact about 20% of the other vets who cleaned up that site, most of them in their 60s and 70s now, are dying of cancer. The closer your duty was to the hottest blast zone, the more likely you are to have cancer now (go figure). And because of a technicality, the VA won't cover their medical costs. Disappointing, our commitment to building bombs in contrast to our lack of commitment to providing for the people who served us as US military. 

– Dominick Bonny, club secretary