Meeting notes for Nov. 1, 2017


  • Former district governor Jim Adamson and his wife and current assistant governor, Carol Adamson. 
  • Alex Haley of Field & Compass and LAPH Productions.


  1. Next week Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson will be visiting to speak to our club. The meeting will be downstairs in the Crunch Pak room, and seating may be limited since there is quite a bit of interest from the general public. So please make sure to RSVP by sending an email to The event is also on our Facebook page here if you want to share it with your friends. 
  2. Feb. 3 is pre-PETs in Ellensburg. If you'd like to be president at any point, pre-PETs is a pre-requisite. 
  3. President Richard brought rolled change ($140 worth) and donated it to the club foundation. What a great idea for setting money aside to benefit the club! 


By Jim Adamson, on the RotaryFoundation


Jim gave us a well-synthesized rundown on what the Rotary International Foundation is and what it does. Over the last century, Rotary has given more than $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects. As a Rotarian, it's important to know about the incredible good Rotary has done globally through our foundation.

Most notably, we have almost eradicated polio worldwide. That's a gigantic accomplishment. Learn more via the foundation's website here