Earl and Barbara Tilly Kick Off The WNR Foundation In A BIG Way!

Meeting Minutes for Jan. 25, 2017

The Wenatchee North Rotary Foundation is now officially a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and Earl and Barbara Tilly made an extremely generous donation of $50,000 as seed money for our new foundation.

Earl, along with WNR members Randy Zielinski, Rob Tidd, Bob Mitchell, Audrey Bessonette, David Kazemba and David Bentsen made up the foundation's board. And it was the two Davids' legal skills that helped expedite and finally finish a process that's been years in the making.

Where do we go from here?

President Kevin and the foundation board issued a friendly challenge to WNR members, and the public at large, to try to match the Tilly's donation by the end of President Kevin's administration in June. So envelopes were passed around and a PayPal donation button is being put up on our new website so folks have the option of donating online and even setting up reoccurring monthly donations!

What will funds go to?

The mission of our new foundation is right in line with the mission of Rotary International: to promote integrity, advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through service projects and community building.

"I see this as an opportunity to do more," Earl said. "You're all already members of this foundation, just like you're members of this club. I'd think we'd prioritize hands on projects to benefit from foundation funds."

Now that we have official non-profit status, all donations to the foundation will be tax deductible and because we're partnering with the Community Foundation of NCW, who will be managing the account for us, folks can donate cars, boats, stocks, bequests and more because they have the ability to handle and process those sorts of specialized donations. So there are many ways to give!

If you'd like to give via check, please make them out to Rotary North Foundation or you can donate online here. And check out this Wenatchee World article about the Tilly's generous donation from publisher Rufus Woods here.

Guests included

Olivia, a rotary exchange student from Australia.

Beth Stipe, Wenatchee Downtown Rotary member and director of the Community Foundation of NCW.

Bryan Campbell, former WNR member and city councilman.

Rufus Woods, publisher of the Wenatchee World.

Happy/Sad Bucks

Rob had $1 for Rick Baldini, to wish him well as he will have surgery soon.

Rick had $1 for Mary Tyler Moore, who passed away yesterday.

Earl had $1 for the Gonzaga game he and his son Bart will be attending soon.

Martin gave so many happy bucks I lost count. He had some eloquent and moving words to say about our values as Rotarians and Americans. He gave bucks for the four way test and to celebrate last Saturday's historic Women's March and all who participated in it. Martin's entire family participated in cities across the country.

I gave $2. The first as an "AMEN" to everything Martin had just said, and another for our baby daughter Natalie Clare, who turned 5 months old yesterday. She, and we, also participated in our local Women's March on Saturday and it was amazing to see nearly 3000 locals take to the streets of Wenatchee to exercise their First Amendment rights.


We have a new website! But you already knew that because you're on it right now.

Sports Awards meetings have been moved to Tuesday evenings at 5:30 at the same place, the Wenatchee World conference room on the second floor. Park in the back lot and come in the back door. The front is locked after 5 pm.

Rotary auction is this Saturday! Get tickets and go if you're in town. There's lots of awesome stuff up for auction and proceeds go to benefit important local charities like the Women's Resource Center/Bruce Hotel and other local charities.

- Dominick Bonny, WNR secretary